Hot girl picking up girls and getting their phone numbers video

This funny video features a hot girl asking other girls for their number for a date. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she gets it most of the time, either straight away or with a little persistence. As we know, getting phone numbers from strangers is very easy. What would be more interesting is if we could see whether […]

Difference between a pickup artist and a lifestyle artist 5

You could focus on pickup and game. Or you could improve your overall life so that beautiful, attractive women just naturally come into it. Here are some differences between a pickup artist (a guy who focuses on learning and developing the skill of meeting and attracting women) and what we might call a “lifestyle” artist. […]

Breaking rapport: is it necessary to develop attraction with women? 1

The original purpose of “breaking rapport” from the PUA standpoint was to demonstrate that you have options, you don’t really care one way or the other whether the girl accepts you or rejects you. This was considered necessary because (1) if a guy is approaching a girl, he is automatically conveying interest and desire (which […]

Seduction lessons from a Tango instructor 1

Seduction is a dance. And one of the most romantic dances is Tango. In this video, Andy Yosha of talks with his Tango dance teacher about the connections between Tango and attraction. It’s long but very informative and thought-provoking. Here are some of the topics they touched on: Lessons about male/ female interaction, and […]

The biggest lie in the dating and pickup industry

The biggest lie is very simple, and very common: That there is one right way to get women. There is NO ONE RIGHT WAY. There are many ways to achieve success with women. Not only are there many ways to achieve success with a given woman, but since guys have different goals with women (some […]

What do i say to her cover

My new ebook is officially out!

My new ebook, “What Do I Say to Her? The Introvert’s Guide to Conversation and Flirting” is officially published! I originally wanted to publish this ebook on March 31st, but I had some last minute improvements I wanted to do before making it live. “What Do I Say to Her?” includes: The main principles of conversation […]

Dating/ Pickup Coaching: NYC in-field & NEW Skype coaching

I was taking a break from one-on-one coaching for a while during the winter. (It’s been a particularly long winter this season.) Now that spring is coming and the weather is getting warmer here in New York, I will be getting back out into the field and working with clients, especially for day game. This […]